Hello Welcome to this page, the purpose of this website is so that we can help with the problem is known as Anxiety. Anxiety is not really known as they should know, many people wanted to leave Anxiety forever, when this is necessary even to sustain life.

Let me make it clearer with an example, when we find ourselves in a circumstance in life where we need to keep us safe, the body reacts to different internal chemical reactions to achieve the goal of saving lives.

Suppose you are at the bus stop, in that listening to the screeching of tires when they slow down and speed, you turn to see what’s going on, it sees that one of the cars lost control and comes direct to you at that time are spending a lot of internal reactions in the body, these reactions can be called collectively the “Anxiety” and is “anxiety” that we react to protect ourselves, and then react and get to run to achieve safe.

What if we did not have anxiety? Do not react to make us safe. I hope that with this example that I really understood that we need the reactions of our body called “Anxiety” and which make us safe and help us control in different circumstances.

But what happens when the anxiety gets out of control?

Then we call it “Anxiety disorder” as the word implies, this distraught Anxiety and must now recommend treatment of anxiety.

Currently there are a variety of treatments of anxiety, however we must keep in mind that we wish to submit treatment if we are not careful we can submit to treatments that cause additions, we can submit to treatments that can cause major side effects body. I personally recommend natural medicine, but must be careful that undergoes natural treatment, as many people recommend natural medicine do not mix herbs or natural supplements can also get unwanted effects on your body.

It is not my purpose to speak whether it is better natural medicine or conventional medicine, as I mentioned above I recommend natural medicine that is my area, but it will be you who decides what kind of treatment you take. Remember before deciding to see what kind of medication is more likely to win, that health professionals have more close, to health professionals and especially to know what treatment do you trust him, this will help you take best decision in your specific case.

But on this site whatever decision I want to know everything you can about Anxiety Disorder, because when you really know the real causes, symptoms, consequences and everything you can about the disease, will be in a better position of being able to confront and control once and for all and not just temporarily.

Welcome back to this site, we invite you to read our other topics and to subscribe to our newsletter and RSS to keep up on this disease and new topics.


Dany Leon